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The Big Year (2011)

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The Big Year


Steve Martin
Owen Wilson
Jack Black

Directed by David Frankel

A movie cast of Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black, may seem like a sure thing for a laugh and a sure cool comedy for the weekend, but I have to disappoint you, not even a smile can be gotten from this. The movie just keeps on dragging and still not breaking a comedic sweat at all.

These three comedians were tied down to a script that just didn’t break the ice when it comes to A – Movies, if this movie was a B – Movie it will have been better, because much will not be expected, but with a top class actors like this you expect nothing more than laughs all around, but what you get is laughs on a lack. Not only was this movie far from its ‘A’ class movie set, with a production cost of over $ 41 million. It was also a box office bomb, raking in nearly over $ 7.4 million.

Although the whole bird hunting scenery is quite captivating, the bird hunting thing itself was not. Directed by David Frankel, who directed ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Marley and Me’, the movie is about a nonfiction book by Mark Obmascik and it refers to the annual bird – watching or “birding” as the movie calls it.

Lacking in fun, what will keep you watching till the end is to find out who will win the big year, between Stu (Steve Martin), a C.E.O. on the verge of retirement; Kenny (Owen Wilson), the reigning world record holder for bird sitting who is willing to risk everything even his marriage to defend his world record; and Brad (Jack Black), an office attendant whose obsession sparks conflict with his father.

The movie does have nice sights as you follow the bird siting, you get to see nice views, if for one thing the movie boast of that.
I don’t know if such games really exist where people go bird siting and you take down the birds that you have seen, and the person with the most wins, because to me to cheat is just so easy but again is my opinion. Big Year holds currently holds a 39% approval rating from critics in Rotten Tomatoes.

Well the movie has nothing to offer, but an hour of yawning, all three characters are woven around family, deceit, love and sacrifice but what it teaches you can be learnt in a good Sunday school class, so don’t bother watching go to church instead.


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