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Transit (2012)

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Transit (2012)


James Caviezel
Elisabeth Röhm
Diora Baird
James Frain

Directed by Antonio Negret

Distributed by After Dark Films

Hey!!! Go watch this movie.

It is a B-movie by all rights, but it is so much fun. The main point about the movie is the fact that Caviezel gets to play an action role, in a movie where the character’s background is not military or some special forces, he was just a plain bank loan criminal, trying to get his life back together.

I have learnt from time to time not to judge a movie by the first 15mins, although 15mins is long but when this movie kicks-off in the first minute, it kicks-off, throwing caution into the wind and pulling all the stops to make the viewer’s enjoy their money’s worth. After the briedf introduction of the wjo is who, it all started to go down.

Caviezel, taking a break from his new series which is also a hit and a must watch “Person of Interest” which started and has Caviezel playing an ex CIA agent who then runs renegade then meets up with a mysterious billionaire (Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes, which is renewed for a second season. Caviezel pulled some outstanding acting, the emotions on his face and the way he talked, makes you know why you are moved when you see scenes of “Passion of the Christ”.

The script is well crafted, and the storyline plain and simple, some guys rob a bank (easily I may add) and during the getaway they heard over the radio that a road block has been set. So they decide to stash the money.

Here comes Nate (Jim Caviezel) and his family going on a vacation, the robbers stash the money in their car, and allow them to pass the road block with it then chase them.

Here is the twist; Nate was just realized from prison for bank fraud. Wife sees in jeep a bag with too much money, she panics thinking Nate is up to no good and leaves him there on the road, with the robbers/killers coming behind (making sure that she wins the wife of the year award).

Not everything was great about this movie, the lines needed some work and the cinematography was not that good, bad camera angles.

At a time in the movie I just believed the cameraman was just getting carried away by the action, and forgot the work he was supposed to do.

The movie is a nice B-movie and good movie to go catch with your pals.


  1. just saw this movie....watched it bcoz of caviezel and i wasn't disappointed..I love it!!!

  2. Good movie.. with me seating on the sofa and shouting at the mom for being stupid at times then at the husband for not having common sense.It was nicely put with one member of the gang being shot finally have a change of heart to warn the hubby his partner was abushing him