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Batman: Year One (2011)

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Batman: Year One (2011)



Benjamin McKenzie
Bryan Cranston
Eliza Dushku
Katee Sackhoff
Alex Rocco
Jon Polito

Directed by Sam Liu and Lauren Montgomery

Distributed by Warner Home Video

Based on Batman: Year One by Frank Miller, this dark film has all of the requirements that will make all Batman fans crave for more and make new ones wonder what they have been missing; the Bruce character was well deployed as such deployment is still remaining to be toppled, as the one pulled off by Michael Keaton still remains the best Batman/Bruce Wayne character I have seen in either a movie or cartoon.

This addition to the series of DC animations sees our hero’s first year in the crime fighting life, as we see Bruce emerge from the dark trying to discover himself, to evolve from fighting on the streets to protecting the just, then to hiding under a mask. It also introduces Gordon as he too moves to Gotham from Chicago with his family.

We hardly see movies that depict heroes as humans, although the Bat is human under the mask, his enemies didn’t think so. The movie has scenes that include Bat being shot and wounded with blood dripping and he finding it hard to move about, such scenes didn’t happen once.

Hey!Who jumps around in a costume, fighting bad guys with guns and expect not to be stabbed, shot and be hit one too many times.

Our Bat was and we get to see him injured. (not taking all the bullets on his chest and still find it hard to deal with a mere human called Lex, just making a point)
Both Gordon and Bruce run into one another on different times, with Gordon suspecting Bruce Wayne as the new vigilante named Batman. Side stories are also introduced we see Catwoman character being formed, with people mistaking her to be the Bats sidekick. We also get to see what made Gordon rise in the ranks to be commissioner and the introduction of The Joker although he is not shown.

What makes this movie different from the others before it is the side it takes, which is, THE DARK SIDE.

Meant for mature viewing, Year One has it all from fights, adultery, drinking, corruption, blackmail and all that is required to make a hero stand out in a corrupt society.

The movie is meant to be a prelude to the game Arkham City, which was one of the best games of 2011.

Directed by Animation Director Sam Liu who was also responsible for All-Star Superman, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Hulk Vs, Planet Hulk and Thor: Son of Asgard this movie is one I recommend we buy and place on the shelf for further viewing.

The scenes and the animation is a little different from the shading you may be used to.

The scenes and the animation is a little different from the shading you may be use to, but be prepared for explosive scenes that has action and fights drawing in from all around this is a better movie than Under the Red Hood and as interesting as Public Enemies, but different from both in the all out action and fight scenes that were introduced.