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We Bought A Zoo (2011)

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We Bought a Zoo


Matt Damon
Scarlett Johansson
Thomas Haden Church
Patrick Fugit
Colin Ford
Elle Fanning

Directed by Cameron Crowe

Distributed by 20th Century Fox

Directed by Cameron Crowe, this comedy drama family movie has all the fun needed to be a family movie but lacks the chunks that will make it a must watch.

Based on a book by Benjamin Mee, who, mind you is British and the whole thing happened in England. Although the story is set in England the movie got Americanized with the help of an all American cast and set.
That wasn't all that was changed, Benjamin's wife died after they bought the zoo not before (so the love story in the movie is just a Hollywood thing), and the kids were much younger.

Not that “We bought a zoo” was bad, it was just not that fascinating. The story is as simple as they come, man buys a zoo and he and a family made it home.

Matt Damon may be able to fool you as a concerned father of two, but Scarlet Johansson couldn’t fool me, how am I supposed to believe that this cute thing likes to get in the dirt with the animals?

Thomas Haden Church (Sandman in Spiderman3), pulled off a nice job playing Benjamin Mee’s brother Duncan, who tried to urge his younger brother to move on after the death of his wife. After much persuasion he did, the adventure seeker saddled on his car and drove around with a realtor till he came across a large field with a big house which happens to be a zoo and he bought it and moved his family there.

Along with him for the ride on this adventure is Rosie Mee his 7 year old daughter and 14 year old moody and annoying son Dylan. Benjamin is a 6 month old widower, who quit his job because everyone seems to pity him.

Hell! His boss begged him not to quit, but to be laid off instead so he can get gratuity.

But he quit and did as above bought a zoo, but it all kinda back fired, his son still was a mess and his life wasn’t getting any better, till the end when they all lived happily ever after (It’s a family movie).

Cameron Crowe, who directed, wrote and produced the academy award duo of JerryMaguire and Almost Famous, was the architect of this movie as he was both writer and director, he did well in the casting (well the casting crew did well) of Matt Damon as Benjamin Mee, as it was the best thing that happened in the movie.


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