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Dark Tide (2012)

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Dark Tide (2012)


Halle Berry
Olivier Martinez
Ralph Brown

Directed by: John Stockwell

Does Dark Tide qualify as movie to see?

The answer to that is a sad 'NO!' as this movie lacks in all that can make it worth your sit down time to view it. The problem is just that after you are have been drowned in the dialogues and then tossed around by some guy who thinks risk is fun, the movie pretty much has nothing more to offer, making you the view leave the cinema hall, indifferent and pretty sure you just saw a documentary like movie.

Released on limited screens, I will say only watch this when you get to the cinema and the other entire movie halls are full. This tragic thriller follows a tale of Kate Mathieson (Halle Berry), who was a renowned documentary host for swimming with Great White Sharks.

After a tragic death of her mentor, she hung up her swimming suit and spent her days giving mundane wildlife tours to anyone who pays. Her old partner Jeff (Olivier Martinez) shows up later, after being paid by an adventure seeking father and son to convince her to take them to swim with the sharks.

Now I’m not the one to call a movie script dumb (well that may not be totally true) but this script feels so weak and lame that I was wondering why any of the producers thought they have a A+ script.

Dark Tide is directed by John Stockwell, who also directed the waste of film reel Into the Blue in 2005, which starred Jessica Alba and Paul Walker.

Production of Dark Tide was done in South Africa, and shot for six weeks on a small boat with real Great White Sharks. The underwater camera work was impressive that I must add, and the film had really nice continuity as the underwater scenes don’t seem to far from what is actually happening.

The plot though was too thin to run a movie on and the Characters too brief, not too much going on in their resume to grow an attachment to.

Halle Berry hasn’t acted in any form of block buster since X – Men Last Stand in 2006, every other movie since then has been on Limited release and they have just been a pass by, just like this one is, a pass by one which you should just walk away from.

But if you have seen this movie, I will like to know what you made of it.


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