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Project X (2012)

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Project X (2012)


Thomas Mann
Oliver Cooper
Jonathan Daniel Brown
Kirby Bliss Blanton
Alexis Knapp

Directed by: Nima Nourizadeh

Distributed by: Warner Bros.

Project X, is a Project F.

From the stables of the man that brought us HangoverTodd Phillips, comes this disgrace of a movie, which is meant to be a found footage kind of thing, but the film just has a pack of fools, running around with nothing but orgy on their mind.

The question that runs through my mind is, “who packs, lame excuses, blunt minded, hooligan thinking, dumb looking, stupid sounding, stooges together and thinks a movie is about to be made?”
Well the producers did, and they were so pumped about the idea that they may be a sequel.
Some people actually enjoyed this movie which is a surprise to me for I can’t seem to understand how anybody will watch this movie and like it.

Project X has the simplest plot ever, 3 guys decide to throw a party so as to get laid, and as usual things got out of hand. That’s all folks. Every other thing in the movie came about from using cliché scenes, music video style acting and lame dialogues to fill up time.

The editing was whack and out of bounce, continuity was lacking a master’s touch.
Directing could have been done by a toddler because I was wondering while watching may be the director must have fallen asleep on his head.

Directed by Nima Nourizadeh an advertisement director, who gave some of the casts iPhones and Blackberry devices to capture some of the scenes used in the movie itself, which were then used in the final movie production; editing was then done in the merger of both of the camera shots and the phone clips. The movie was shot in 25 nights and sorry to say it is a commercial success.
The movie holds a 27% approval rating on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes, the movie was done based on a $12 million budget and it went to make over a 100 million, and made a good sale in DVDs.

My final take is, don’t watch this, it contains nudity and there is cursing all around, and not even a plan to entertain you, unless if such is all that you find entertaining and a good plot is not even on your mind.

Project X has a lot missing, some of it is common sense, and the funny part is that Warner Bros ordered a sequel so very soon in the near future we should be expecting Project X 2.


    hahaha...u finished d muvie...
    well, what do expect from guy who brought us hangover...i mean seriously, esp the part 2 of dt muvie was so disgusting that i would hv thrown up
    well, thanks fr d info before hand anyway
    seeing the name project X would have mad someone think its one superhero teenage film
    their mates are doing superhero muvies while they're still loopin around doing orgy films...filthy teenagers...humph!!

  2. thats the worse thing..., i finished the movie