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Dr Seuss' The Lorax (2012)

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Dr Seuss' The Lorax (2012)


Starring (Voice)
Danny DeVito
Zac Efron
Taylor Swift
Ed Helms
Rob Riggle

Directed by Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda

Distributed by Universal Pictures

The film is the fourth feature film based on a book by Dr. Seuss, the second Dr. Seuss adaptation fully computer-animated after Horton Hears a Who!, and the first released in 3-D and probably not one of the best adaptations. The distribution company Universal Pictures released the film on March 2nd 2012, the 108th birthday of Seuss.

The movie made a mess of what Disney/Pixardid with WALL-E (2008), as WALL-E passed the message of our environment depleting, with the aid of a love story, and what i believed could not be possible; robots with no words making a classic must see movie, the movie was like a silent film animation, and it was regarded as one of the best.

The Lorax too tries to achieve such (showing a depleting earth with a love story), on the same platform, but it was too watered down to be noticed, the voice casting was well done. The movie follows the laid down plot of the book about a 12 year old boy search for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. On his quest towards finding that one thing he found himself stumbling on the story of the Lorax.
The Lorax is a grumpy orange like creature whose main task is to protect the earth (when i say earth i mean the forest and woods) from destruction.

The studio responsible for this is Illumination Entertainment, which brought you the much acclaimed Despicable Me and directed by Chris Renaud (Despicable Me).

The Lorax is a colourful movie with singing and dancing all well enough for a kid to enjoy. So if you want a movie for your kids, go see this.

But you have to give kudos to Danny DeVito, to me the only thing I enjoyed most about the movie was hearing him speak, he brought life into a movie that seem to be missing out on all things good.
The Lorax was received with mixed reviews, 55% of critics in Rotten Tomatoes gave it a positive reviews, and the movie is also a commercial success. The movie is produced with a $70 million budget and it went on to make over $340 million in the box office.

This movie is neither great nor grand, Dr. Seuss: The Lorax is a movie that will not make you plan a second visit to the cinema. The Lorax just drags and the movie to me is one that only a matured mind will be able to understand. So for me to say this is a movie you will not mind skipping, know that I mean it.


  1. I took my 4 kids to see the movie last week. The older ones - 7yr old - had fun. Did they get the message? A bit, methinks.

    The environmental theme of the film was well presented.

    I enjoyed the parts I got to watch when I wasn't running after the younger ones :-)

  2. Lol... well i agree with you the environment theme was cool.

    and next time when you taking 4 kids try have someone along to help.