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Mirror Mirror (2012)

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Mirror Mirror (2012)



Julia Roberts
Lily Collins
Armie Hammer
Sean Bean

Directed by Tarsem Singh

Distributed by Relativity Media

Mirror Mirror, takes a while getting into, but after you get over the first 40 mins the movie isn’t that bad, it is cool wonderful and I did enjoy the twist of things when it came to a story we are all used to, the story of Snow White.

The comedy did hit home and I rather found the movie more funny than intriguing, I enjoyed all the additions of comic relief here and there. This comedy fantasy film and it is based on the fairy tale "Snow White" by the Brothers Grimm and the movie is directed by Tarsem Singh who also directed The Cell (2000) and Immortals (2011).

The plot is the same is based on ’Snow White’ by the Brothers Grimm and stars Lily Collins (Phil Collins daughter and also starred in Abduction) as snow White and Julia Roberts as the evil queen.

Mirror Mirror is a shy away from great, but the screenplay was well carved, yes you are watching Snow White and the Seven dwarves (1937), but it felt different. I guess the main reason it was fun to watch was the difference in the way things played out. The movie derived its name from the words that the Wicked Queen uses to address her Magic Mirror, a phrase we are all used to "Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?".

Snow was supposed to be saved by the prince, but in this Jason Keller (Machine Gun Preacher) tale the prince was the one needing saving.

I was so impressed by the screen write by Jason Keller that I spent majority of time being captivated by the turn of events, than the events itself. Mirror Mirror to me was good because of the screenplay and script rather than the directing. Not saying directing isn’t important but you have to see this movie for yourself to understand.

It’s been long since I have seen anything done by Julia Roberts, but this wasn’t a disappointment and her acting showed why she is and will always remain one of the best things that happened to the silver screen. Mirror Mirror wasn’t more of a financial success and it was also not well received holding only a 50% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But regardless of all that the film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Costume Design.

I liked this movie and I stand to say all should go see it for themselves.


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