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Men In Black (1997)

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Men In Black (1997)


Tommy Lee Jones
Will Smith
Linda Fiorentino
Vincent D'Onofrio
Rip Torn
Tony Shalhoub

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

It was the year 1997, and the greatest agent the world has ever known was planning to retire and he needed to acquire and train his replacement. Who best to fit his shoes than Agent Jay (Will Smith), a younger and more athletic character?

This movie made us understand why strange things and strange people roam around, with a solid plot that keeps you guessing 

"Where is the galaxy?" 

"If it is here on earth and it is meant to be millions of stars where on earth could you hide that?"

Leave it to the men in black, they not only found the galaxy and save the world from the Arquillians who were going to vaporize the whole planet earth to stop the bugs from getting the galaxy, they also made us understand that size not everything.

I loved this movie in 1997 and I still love it now, listening to the soundtrack, doing the moves... all brings back fun memories of my youth. But the point am trying to make is, what makes a movie great is the ability to stand the test of time, no matter when you watch it be it 15 years after its initial release it will always be a classic.

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who did a great job directing the screenplay of a story done by Ed Solomon, this movie comes out well; its combination of comedy with fantasy and a lot of action makes you never feel bored while watching.

Comparing this to its part 2will be an unfair comparison, why?
Because Men In Black 2 lacked the action and comedy to keep you watching, something Men In Black one had a lot of. I have to give kudos to the graphics it is far better than what I saw in Men In Black 2, also the screenplay is masterful each scene had enough happenings to keep you hoping the scene will drag longer.

The producers are planning a Men In Black 3, something I hope will be better than 2, the Men In Black 3 coming out in May 2012 will be taking in a huge budget of over 200 Million dollars in production, something I hope will be put to good use.

The Men In Black movie, led to the creation of the MIB animation series that span 4 seasons of 53 episodes. What can I say, but the franchise is a goldmine, one which the producers want to dig till there is nothing left.


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