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Men In Black 3 (2012)

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Will Smith
Tommy Lee Jones
Josh Brolin
Jemaine Clement
Michael Stuhlbarg
Emma Thompson

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

Free falling, time travel, interesting linkage, Men in Black 3 is the answer you have been waiting for when we wondered what good will come of the MIB now, when MIB 2 was a flop?

Will smith pitched the idea of MIB 3 to director Barry Sonnenfeld during the shooting of MIB 2 the idea was creating a back story for Agent K which will feature Agent J going back in time.

Director Barry Sonnenfeld worked on the idea and with Steven Spielberg back as Executive Producer MIB 3 is one movie I will be seeing again.

Josh Brolin plays young Agent K in 1969, he did such a great job at it you’ll believe you are watching K himself. Shooting was done in New York and it began in 2010.

This cliff hanging action packed movie tells a tale of what happens when you arrest, instead of killing the villain. An alien nicked-named Boris the animal broke out of his prison (with the help of (Nicole Scherzinger) and travels back in time to change history and kill the man that put him in jail.

By doing the above he will achieve the destruction of the earth and the death of Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones).

So J (Will Smith) travels back in time to help Agent K (James Brolin) save the world again and also save his life.

My high in all MIB movies is the alien characters; I have to applaud the costumes designers and the CGI developers on that. Also look out for the screenplay, as major events are happening on the screen at all times and there was never a dull moment.

I like a movie with a good story depth, but here in MIB 3 the makers have one thing in mind...make a better MIB movie than the last one(Men in black 2 was a total blunder), you want story depth? Go watch Men In Black 1.

This MIB movie does not have all the whole faithful present no Frank the pug, Jeebs or Zed.

When it comes to a job well done, hey Will Smith has finally done something worthwhile in years. I am legend, Hankcock and Seven Pounds were his last movies before MIB 3 and they all lacked the things that made Will Smith a name to go queue up in the cinema for. Also a nice job by the casting crew, James Brolin was the perfect man for Young Agent K.

There is talk of an MIB 4, I guess we will see. I employ you to go see this movie.


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