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That’s My Boy (2012)

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That’s My Boy (2012)


Adam Sandler
Andy Samberg
Leighton Meester
Susan Sarandon

Directed by Sean Anders

Distributed by Columbia Pictures

When you thing Adam Sandler can’t make worse movies than the ones he already has in his quiver, then you get to see this one and one thing crosses your mind…, who the hell thought Vanilla Ice will make a good supporting actor?

Made by Happy Madison (Adam Sandler’s production company) Sandler found a way to keep his name in the mud for making crappy movies and found a way to drag Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live) along with him.

Happy Madison Movies have sucked big time, although they have been racking it in, in the box office, it seems they have just decided not to try anymore. As the movies are released you can be certain there are going to be a waste of time.

This movie did have one high note though, when you thought you have seen the worst, as in incest is the most disgusting and the worst thing I can ever imagine to see on the silver screen, this movie’s ending is worse than the incest plot.

The movies story goes thus: While in his teens, Donny (Adam Sandler) gets to fulfill the life-long dream of many teenage boys, which is to screw the hottest teacher in class. This started bad when the whole world found out about their mess and the teacher was found to be pregnant for Donny but it got better when Donny milked the publicity for all its worth.

18 years after Donny is flat broke and is about to go to jail for unpaid taxes so he decides to sell his reunion (between he, his son and his high school teacher) story for enough money to not go to jail.

Adding to this twist is his son Han Solo Berger/Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) who wants to have nothing to do with him.

As lame as the plot sounds lamer is the implementation on the silver screen, directed by Sean Anders who wrote the movie She’s Out Of My League (2010) comes a movie that makes you wonder if the makers actually watched it before releasing it.

Adam Sandler’s movie before this was Jack and Jill which is unique for winning 5 Razzies which include Worst Actor, Worst Actress, Worst Screenplay and others. I think this movie may topple Jack and Jill in the Razzies.

Save your money, when a movie has one of its characters named Han Solo and you are sure you are not watching a star wars movie, you can be sure it is going to be waste of film.


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