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Jack and Jill (2011)

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Jack and Jill (2011)


This movie has everything it needs…but lacking in one major important thing which is..?

Reason, the movie to me was like every time you see Jill all you see is an Adam Sandler, and what he will look like if he was a cross dresser.

The script is so lame that there was no reason this movie should have been made at all, Adam Sandler is acting a dual role one as a man another as a woman, that enough is a reason for any producer to so no to this movie .

Well Dennis Dugan and Sandler went ahead to make this movie courtesy Happy Madison production Sandler’s very own production company, we are made to watch this eye bulging mistake for a movie.

I thought Zoo Keeper was the lowest of the low that Happy Madison could go in the aspect of lame, till I saw Jack and Jill. The movie is doing well in the box office though despite, its low ratings. All I keep thinking is when will someone tell Sandler to give up and focus on more serious scripts that will bring smile to people’s faces.
Throughout this movie I had no reason to smile, I just felt sad.

The script and lines are whack and Jill’s regular habit of not knowing the movies she claims to like seemed too bogus to catch any attention, Al Pacino played himself in the movie and it was a disgusting display, Kelly Holmes was also in the movie and her acting showed why Tom Cruise is getting the big box instead of her.

The only person in the movie that was impressive was actually the person we should shoot for making this movie, which is Sandler regardless of how horrible he looked and acted as a female version of himself; you just have to appreciate his effort.

All in all, the question I will like to ask anyone and I wish I was asked was…
Why will you want to watch this movie, really? Is it to see Sandler dress like a girl?

The movie plot is about a twin pair Jack and Jill (both played by Adam Sandler), Jack doesn’t seem to like Jill very much (nor will you if you get to see this movie) and stays away from her, Jill comes into his life and both realize that they are more alike than they know, and that's all folks!!!


  1. ive never seen the movie tho and i dnt intend seeing it esp with adam sandler actin as Jill..i mean c'mon wen last did we get tyler perry or eddie murphy doin their thing as a woman in a white movie..thats so old
    the one thought that came to my mind when i saw the poster in the cinemas was...THis movie is soooo GAY!