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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

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Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)


Mel Gibson
Michael Preston
Bruce Spence
Vernon Wells
Kjell Nilsson

Directed by George Miller

Distributed by Warner Bros.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, is a continuation to the 1979 Australian post-apocalyptic action film Mad Max.

This movie packs more of a punch than its predecessor; maybe it could be because the movie didn’t add depth to the character as the viewer is expected to see Mad Max 1 to get the idea of who Max is.

The movie continued on the idea that the future will be a rough one, but it did so using a plot that is so well crafted that dialogue didn’t seem to matter.

The climatic chase scene in the end of the movie was both entertaining and engaging; the chase went on for over 10 minutes with stunts and visual effects being use to make you get the idea that as long as the world still depends on oil for survival, one day we will start to kill each other for it (if such killings aren’t already happening). The chase though long was interesting and the plot was also fun to see as it unraveled making Max as human as possible.

George Miller was pushed into the limelight after the first Mad Max, that a sequel was eminent, so in 1981 Mad Max 2 was made. Mad Max 2 was shot in a 12 weeks period and Miller had to use more than 80 cars in the production. The budget of the movie was $ 4.5 Million compared to the 650,000 of the first movie and it was a box office hit.

The movie starts with an intro, showing in clips and imagery what led this former police officer to become a lone wanderer.

Then the plot begins with Max traveling through the wastelands of Australia after a nuclear war has torn the world a part, his search has been for now-priceless fuel (petrol/diesel) which seems to be what everyone needs.

While traveling he finds himself in the middle of a fight between two groups, the weaker peaceful group seems no match for the other more merciless group. Max now finds himself as the only hope for this small group of honest people running a remote oil refinery which is what the other group wants.

Mad Max’s view of a junkyard future with vast waste land and violence has been copied in many movies that we have been released in this day and age.

Mad Max 2 is a most watch and you will get to enjoy much of the time you spend viewing it, as it is a straight to the point action film with no dull moment.


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