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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)

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Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (2001)


Paul Hogan
Linda Kozlowski

Directed by Simon Wincer

This new addition to the Crocodile Dundee franchise is like one of the worst thing that ever happened in 2001, at the end of the film you feel like Paul Hogan should pay you back for seeing this. The movie from the set go lacks vision, entertainment and if it were a direct to DVD movie it would have made more sense.

There was definitely no reason for them to have made this movie, but they did anyway and put it out there for us to see and dislike. This movie was so bad that I couldn’t believe that it left the storyboard. Dundee (Paul Hogan) and Sue (Linda Kozlowski) are now together for like 15 years and they have a son named Michael after his father.

While living in Australia Sue got a call from her father that she should come and help hold down his office (a newspaper company) in Los Angeles while he attends to other matters. Sue (after Dundee said that he and Michael their son will go along) accepted the offer and moved with her family to Los Angeles, there both father and son were kind of out of it and made the news once for just not getting how things work in America.

The antagonist in this one is a phony movie production company, and in this flick we get to see Dundee go undercover. A side story to the whole movie plot has both Dundee and Sue not being married for the whole 15 years they have been together with Sue wanting it but not pushing it and Dundee just not manning up to do the right thing.

Trust me after you have read this review just run away from this flick, it is not worth the one hour thirty minutes I put into it.
In this movie Hogan is all old, so is Sue and the whole cute lovable couple is not so cute anymore then there are scenes were we see some ladies go gaga for Dundee, I’m no woman but that guy looked old and out of it, so I didn’t see the attraction.

I felt the makers wanted to see if they could still make some more money off the franchise but this $21 million production only made 39 million in the box office, maybe the DVD sales helped later on, that I don’t know but one thing I’m glad for is that, I don’t think there will be a Crocodile Dundee IV.


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