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Dolls (1987)

Dolls (1987)


Stephen Lee
Guy Rolfe
Hilary Mason
Ian Patrick Williams

Directed by Stuart Gordon

This movie is more of a joke than it is meant to be scary, all through the 77 minutes of the movie I kept wondering, “Who in their right mind, came up with a script that has dolls facing up directly to humans”, the idea is just bull.

We are all familiar with Child’s Play (Chucky 1988) in fact some have become too familiar with the genre. What made Child’s Play part one better than a lot of other movies in the same genre is that Chucky was sneaking up on people to kill them, also you will notice that the moment he decided to go at them directly he got killed.
Here the toys are going at the humans and somehow managed to kill majority of them, well give it to them they were numerous while Chucky was just a single evil doll.

Stuart Gordon, the man behind this film tried to put you on the edge of your sit… (emphasis on the word tried); there were scenes where we get to see side glances from the toys as they sat on their shelves (SMH).

Like most horror movies that seem to have a kid in the picture acting like a go between for the adults and the evil creatures, the child is initially not believed and often silenced when he or she airs their views on the strange happenings, with some other grownups giving out logical explanations to defeat what the child is saying.
Same here also, the people involved in this movie are some passersby who got forced to go stay in a house like hotel, where the owners have a huge collection of dolls and as the name of the movie implies the dolls started killing the people.

There is no other way to look at it, any scene in the movie that had the dolls walking towards the person they wanted to kill, will just feed you the viewer with enough ammunition to ridicule the scene as you will keep wondering why in heaven’s name he/she did not do this or that.

The movie’s screenplay is a joke, some of the scenes that the adults were attacked looked like they wanted it, as some did little to nothing to get away from it. The acting is another problem in this movie, it was totally off and it was like the casting crew looked for the worst and cheapest actors available to make this movie.

If you have never heard or seen Dolls, be grateful.


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