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Oblivion (2013)

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Oblivion (2013)


Tom Cruise
Olga Kurylenko
Andrea Riseborough
Morgan Freeman

Directed by Joseph Kosinski

The movie is more of a sight to see than a riddle job for the inquisitive mind, packed with enough twist and turns that puts you the viewer on a guess frenzy, Oblivion leaves you wondering where the threat is really coming from and whom to trust.

With a beautiful sight for sore eyes setting, Oblivion’s wonderful scenery and bubble craft will make you sit down and enjoy more of what is happening on the screen, than what the story is trying to pass across.
Tom Cruise seems to be in top form, in Jack Reacher (2012)he showed his acting prowess and dominated the film from start to finish, here too he displays the same prowess and even making Morgan Freeman more of a side show to what is happening in the uprising between Tom Cruise character Commander Jack Harper and the alien threat (where ever it was coming from).

Oblivion is based on an unpublished graphic novel of the same name by the director and producer Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy 2011).
Joseph was able to bring to life his idea and concept, thanks to the 120 million production backing of universal studios. Although I still stand that the movie is a sight to see, it lacks in the area of its story, and it is not that the concept was not nice nor grand the screenplay was just boring at times. Do note they were action scenes to liven the mood, but the length in which you have to wait till the movie truly picks up, maybe worth it for some viewers, and may not for others.

The storyline is about what happens 60 years after the earth got attacked by aliens known as Scavs.
It focuses on one of the few remaining survivors Commander Jack Harper who was on earth as a drone repairmen. While fulfilling his duty he discovers a crashed spacecraft with happens to contain things that bring to question everything he believed about the war.
Soon later he got captured by the said aliens that were still on the earth and he uncovers a truth that rocked his world to his entire existence.

In the end I liked the way the movie turned out, it ended in a poetic tone and Tom Cruise’s performance may be the greatest thing this movie has to offer other than the beautiful set pieces.
So if you are a fan of the Mission Impossible man, then you will sure have fun seeing him here, but my final take is Oblivion could have been better.


  1. It just was what it was, it served the needs of the film and that was it. Nothing special, but I guess fine for what it is. Good review.

  2. Yeah, the movie nothing special at all...