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Way of the Dragon (1972)

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Way of the Dragon (1972)


Bruce Lee
Nora Miao
Chuck Norris

Directed by Bruce Lee

Way of the Dragon, here is a movie we all must see if you like martial arts and you don’t mind some lame scripting that will lead to the fights.

The final fight that had Bruce Lee take on Chuck Norris was what kept me glued, as I was expectant of the showdown and I was not disappointed at all. It was as grand as I would have expected the fight to be – It was fast, ruthless in some sort and I loved the die hard attitude of both fighters.

As said above, the movie is not well scripted. It is meant to be some sort of action comedy, the action hit home though (and while watching I kept seeing where Jackie Chan got Rumble in the Bronx (1995) from), but the scripting on the other hand needed some work. It was just awful if I must say. The comedy just kept on going over my head as it looked like Bruce Lee knew what he wanted and the message he wanted to pass across so he just filled in the gap with enough story to last the movie for over 90 minutes.

But who cares about the story and script when we have Bruce Lee willing the nunchaku, first he used two, showing off his mastery of the weapon, then he dropped one and then went on showing off how great he is with this particular weapon of choice.

One reason why this movie will not contend with such as Fist of Fury (1972)and Enter the Dragon (1973) is because of the story, but when it comes to the fight, I believe this movie delivered better fights than the other two.

In this movie, Bruce Lee’s character is sent to Rome to help out a Chinese restaurant owner who is having issues with some thugs who want to take over her business. When he showed up, he first didn’t fully understand the gravity of the situation, but when guns started to appear and bullets started to fly, he shaped up and using darts he crippled the hands of those who willed the gun and kicked the ass of any who tried to take him on.

Well, who else would you prefer on your side?

This guy beat Chuck Norris, and I heard that the only reason Chuck Norris is still alive today (2014) is because Bruce Lee is dead, and he is afraid of dying and meeting Bruce on the other side and get his ass whooped again.


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