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RoboCop 2 (1990)

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RoboCop 2 (1990)


Peter Weller
Nancy Allen

Directed by ‎Irvin Kershner

When a great movie is encountering a part 2, all you expect is something better, or at least close to it. Well that was what I expected when I was watching this film, but what I got was something totally different from what the movie promised to offer.

The first problem I had with the movie is the story line, it was too direct. I guess that may work with a lot of other movies, but here it just didn’t seem to work. The movie started with action and the action went on and on, till I had to struggle to keep my eyes open. Even the idea of a child who was ruthless and a killer seemed too wrong to be part of a movie.

Robocop 2 is more than boring it is crap. The main issue I had with the movie is the movement of Robocop himself, in the first movie he seemed to move around more freely than he did in this one, then there was the behavior, there was a scene where he was cracking his neck.
He is a cyborg, practically metal with just a brain, why is he cracking his neck?

The movie to me also down played the role of Nancy Allen who played Officer Lewis. Then there is the part of the second cyborg, a Robocop 2 who is addicted to drugs.
So much is wrong with the idea of this movie that in the end I was just wondering why they made it and after reading the script why they thought it was going to pass as a good movie.

The movie plot continues after the events of the first film, the same idea still runs though, everyone was looking out for themselves and their financial benefit to care about what was going on in the police department.

The state is losing Detroit to OCP due to their massive debt and a drug baron named Cain is ruling the streets making millions selling a drug named nuke.
Cain and Robocop had an encounter which saw Robocop torn to shreds, or ripped apart. But their second showdown was what led to Cain becoming Robocop 2, and from there the movie keeps to its R rating, with deaths all over the place.

This was the last time Peter Weller took the role as Robocop, saying this film was too negative and disappointing, the same view was shared by his co-actor Nancy Allen. Frank Miller wrote the script for this movie, although in his defense, his script was said to be unmakable and numerous re-writes is what led to the Robocop 2 that we see today, and a crappier Robocop 3 later on.


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