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RoboCop 3 (1993)

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RoboCop 3 (1993)


Robert John Burke
Nancy Allen

Directed by ‎ Fred Dekker

I guess the movie should have been named there is no end to the torture, as Robocop 3 was just a totally waste of money and idea.
The funny thing is I remembered the first time I watched it, I was with my sister and my friends, and while watching it I can recall being pissed because of the way the movie turned out. To add to the anger was the death of Lewis (Nancy Allen) which I felt was totally unneeded. I knew from the previous part that her role was being limited, but killing her off was not my idea of a good way to end her character.

Robocop 3 was a financial disaster at the box office and with Peter Weller not wanting to reprise his character, because he felt walking in the suit was cumbersome and the negative reception of the second part all led to his retirement as Alex Murphy/Robocop so Robert John Burke had to step in.

This time our Robocop is up against a rehabilitation task force created by OCP to relocate the people and make way for their Delta City project, as time is running out for the implementation of the project. The Rehab force use force to evict the people and in the process kill some. So our hero is here again to defend the innocent.

The main issue with this movie is that the production was done to be a family movie, all the R-rating that was in the first and second movie were totally removed to make way for a more family friendly Robocop. The story was not as boring as the second part of the movie, because I could sit and watch this movie without the fear of sleeping off, but I still didn’t want too because:
1. Peter Weller was not in it
2. It was rated PG-13

The flying part in the movie was meant to be the high note I guess, but the absence of the gore just made it pass by unimpressive.

Frank Miller also wrote this screenplay bringing back some of the elements that were dismissed in the second Robocop movie, he actually made the dismissed parts the gas on which this new Robocop movie runs on.

In the end, I can safely say, just watch the first Robocop, don’t bother with the rest as they don’t add up to what makes this movie a franchise and you not seeing them saves you money and I guarantee you are not missing a thing.


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