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Get Carter (1971)

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Get Carter (1971)


Michael Caine

Directed by Mike Hodges

To be honest after seeing the Sylvester Stallone version of Get Carter (2000), I wasn’t overly thrilled and ready to see another revenge plot the movie was based. Stallone’s version of Get Carter lacked excitement and thrill, it was more like watching one of those failed action B-movies, where the cast were more interested in the money than they were in the movie.

On a boring week day I decided to take a chance and see the original version where Michael Caine played Jack Carter. The first thing that jumps at you while watching is the difference in delivery and direction. This difference made me dislike the Stallone version more.
In the remake, Carter was made to be an indestructible individual, who cared much on how his action played out and who it affected.
Here Carter was made to be real, making mistakes and almost getting killed. This Carter will run when he feels he is outnumbered or in a position compromising his safety. Michael Caine’s character didn’t care how his actions endangered the life of others, making you the viewer, either like him as an anti-hero or hate him.

The movie follows a London gangster named Jack Carter (Caine), who travels back to his home town, to find out the events behind the death of his brother, Frank. Suspecting foul play, Jack starts to investigate and interrogate the people of the town, to discover that there is more to Frank's death to what he has been led to know.

His actions and investigation causes violence to erupt around him, leading to deaths and a tragic ending.

Due to the intense violence and Carter’s attitude of not caring how his action affected others, caused the movie to be poorly receive in the UK when it was initially released (although reverse is the case in the US), but over the years the movie has grown to have a cult following and going ahead to be seen as one of the best British movie ever made.
It is ranked 16th in the BFI Top 100 British films and Total Film magazine ranked it the best British film ever made (based on British Film critics).

For me the movie was interesting and I fully enjoyed the way they made Carter look like a real gangster, focused on getting the job done to be bothered about who gets hurt on the way. Caine’s portrayal of Carter is worth being recognized for and to all Caine fans out there, here is a movie you need in your kitty.


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