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The Princess Bride (1987)

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The Princess Bride (1987)


Cary Elwes
Robin Wright
Mandy Patinkin
Chris Sarandon

Directed by Rob Reiner

Some movies are just classics, no matter when you get to see them there is no reason not to like them. The Princess Bride is such a movie, the cast will make you sit tight and enjoy the ride. My favorite cast was Many Patinkin, the first time I saw Patinkin was in Chicago Hope, then I totally appreciated his inclusion in Criminal Minds and you have to see him in Homeland?

In this movie Patinkin plays Inigo Montoya, and the favorite line he threw was, “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die!" which was also nominated for the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes. I know it is like I’m getting ahead of myself, but that is how much I liked the movie.

The movie had Fred Savage, Carl Elwes, Billy Crystal and the late André the Giant, a strong cast and it applied these casts in the most appropriate places making the movie flow steadily. The directing will have to be given credit for the flow; the movie was directed and produced by Rob Reiner (The First Wives Club (1996) & The Bucket List (2007)).
Another thrill for me is that Patinkin and Elwes actually did all the fencing themselves, they practiced and learned to fight with both hands for the movie.

Westley (Carl Elwes) and Buttercup (Robin Wright) met on a farm and fell in love and decided to marry. Westley went away to search for riches so that he and Buttercup can be happily married, but he failed to return and news spread about his death causing Buttercup to lose hope and deciding to marry Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon) or was chosen as the bride (which she didn’t object) of the prince.

Things changed when she was kidnapped by a Sicilian boss named Vizzini (Wallace Shawn), a giant named Fezzik (André the Giant), and a Spanish master fencer named Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), who seeks revenge against the six fingered man who killed his father.

While they were getting away, they got chased by the dreaded, Dread Pirate Roberts, with no one aware of why he was chasing them. I will stop here and allow you to go see the film yourself.

Here is a movie that is most definite a keeper for you to see with your kids and family. Not much of a box office success, but the home video (like the movie Clue) gained a cult following.


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