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Look Who’s Talking (1989)

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Look Who’s Talking (1989)


John Travolta
Kristie Alley

Directed by Amy Heckerling

When I saw this movie much younger, I hardly understood what was going on; the idea in my head was a talking baby no one heard.
Now seeing this movie again, I was right it was a talking baby no one heard, actually the movie is more like how a baby views the world, its own view of how things are being done in this world and how to get what it wants, and learning you cannot always get what you want.

Done during the time John Travolta was trying to regain the fame he lost as he aged, the movie made enough money to get the spot light back on him, but the reason you are reading this is to find out if the movie is worth seeing or not.

The movie idea can be confusing enough to make you think this is a masterpiece in the making, but that is not so. The only good thing the movie had to offer was Bruce Willis being the voice of Mikey. John Travolta’s acting was not impressive at all.
When acting like an overgrown child, it is meant to be done in a manner that many will enjoy not be irritated by.
The movie’s standpoint of what babies are thinking was damaged when they showed babies communicating in their own language (which reminded me of Baby Genius (1999)) which turned around to irritate me more than fascinate me.

The movie plot was weak, and as the movie progressed I was actually curious to see it fall apart the more, but the director Amy Heckerling held the movie together with stings better known to her.

The movie plot is about Mollie (Kristie Alley) who gets pregnant for a married man, Albert (George Segal). Albert left her for a younger woman while she was pregnant, leaving her to raise the child alone. By her side is James Ubriacco (John Travolta) a taxi driver she met on her way to the hospital to deliver her son Mikey.

James loved Mikey and hung around as his babysitter while Molie goes into the world searching for the perfect man for her and Mikey, while Mikey has other plans of his own on who his new daddy should be.

Regardless of what I feel or say the movie was a huge financial success, based on a $7.5 million budget the movie fetched over $296 million from the box office prompting the studio to gear up for a part two which was released a year later as, Look Who’s Talking Too.
I will never be giving this movie a second watch, because there is nothing to watch.


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