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The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006)

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The Librarian: Return to King Solomon's Mines (2006)


Noah Wyle
Gabrielle Anwar
Bob Newhart
Jane Curtin

Directed by Jonathan Frakes

After seeing the second of The Librarian TV movie series I will be seeing the third. It is not that these movies are masterpieces, but they are good fun for you and the family without you worrying about the PG rating.

Here Flynn is sent a message from Egypt, which points to the fact that some people are after the contents of King Solomon’s mines.
When I was younger I saw a movie about that mine, and so I was interested to see how The Librarian was going to use this myth.

The first thing that caught my attention in this movie is the writers decided to give us more glimpse into Flynn’s past. Throughout the film you get to know more about Flynn’s past, his father and what links him to the Library.
The second thing that caught my attention in this movie is that the bad guys were not going after the gold in King Solomon’s mine, but after Solomon’s book, which is believed to have the power of time and space.

To the non Doctor Who fan, having the power of time and space is very dangerous because the person which such power can re-write time and travel through history and change the occurrence of things. Now that we have an idea of the danger if the book falls into the wrong hands, Flynn has to go get the book and bring it to the Library where it will be kept safe.

Nicole (Sonya Walgner) is not in this movie, and Flynn was on his own no guardian, just an archeologist named Emily Davenport and a man named Jomo who is indebted to Flynn because he saved his life.

Now Flynn in this movie, is goofier and less Holmeszy (Sherlock Holmes that is). This would have made the film less interesting and irritating, but it didn’t because the story that follows in this movie made our Librarian seem more human and almost gave up the world for his own gain, something I thought he will overcome with ease.

For me the writers went all the way to take us on a ride which we will not be able to guess the turn of events except the possible ending, Flynn saving the day.

The Librarian is a movie collection for those who feel Indiana Jones was too R-rated to have on the shelf with the children running about.
So if you want a good home made fun, with the Indiana Jones feel, I suggest you try The Librarian movie series.


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