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Hercules (2014)

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Hercules (2014)


Dwayne Johnson
Ian McShane
Rufus Sewell
John Hurt

Directed by Brett Ratner

To be honest this movie was crap, the story was so way off, none inviting and the thrill in the movie can only be felt if you watch this movie the way I did.

How was that?

I concluded before watching the movie that, “this movie has nothing to offer, and all I’m doing is watching Dwayne Johnson and smelling what The Rock was cooking?
I laughed my way through the movie, the foolishness in the plot is uncanny, I kept wondering if the comic book story (Hercules: The Thracian Wars by Steve Moore) that the movie was adapted from was that weird.

That aside, the acting in the movie is one I found interesting, although I’m a Dwayne Johnson fan, it was Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell and John Hurt that had me focused on seeing this movie from the beginning to the end.

The movie plot is about a disgraced hero (Hercules played by Dwayne Johnson) from Athens, who leaves Athens with is crew and becomes a mercenary. They were hired by a king to help chase away threats from invading his kingdom.
Things were going on smoothly until Hercules learns that the king was actually lying and was planning world domination. Hercules who has helped train the kings soldiers now has to war against the men he has trained to stop a mad king.

The movie made good use of graphics, and I was impressed in the wolf fight. Towards the ending Hercules had to take on three wolves, which was fun to see.

The part in the movie that had me wondering if the screenplay writers were actually paying attention to what was going on, was when Hercules character changed from a legendary demi-god to a mere mortal and then when the situations were suitable for it, he started to show off demi-godlike powers.

In the end of the movie, I found myself laughing at the silliness of the script, occurrences that were just too obvious were going to happen and a director who needs to take a chill pill from dishing out crap in 2014.
The director Brett Ratner must not be having a good 2014 as his three films in 2014 were all low in ratings. With only this movie doing well in the box office Jersey Boys didn’t do well in the box office and Horrible Bosses 2 was just horrible.

Should you see this movie, well if like me you like Dwayne Johnson then go ahead, but if you are looking for a good movie, be ready to be disappointed.


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