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Wild Hogs (2007)

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Wild Hogs (2007)


Tim Allen
John Travolta
Martin Lawrence
William H. Macy
Ray Liotta
Marisa Tomei

Directed by Walt Becker

No matter how much the critics pan this movie or trash it either, I feel it was one of the funniest movies I saw in 2007. Wild Hogs to me had everything from silly miss-givens leading to strange and totally ridiculous events that had me rolling had on the floor laughing when I saw it the first time.

Seeing the movie again 8 years later, I was still laughing hard and boy I do hope the gang will get together again for another adventure in being men.

The movie plot is about four friends Doug Madsen (Tim Allen), Woody Stevens (John Travolta), Bobby Davis (Martin Lawrence), and Dudley Frank (William H. Macy) who miss the old days when they had their lives in their hands and could do whatever they wanted.

Hating their lives and envying Woody's who seems to be having it all, Woody inspires them to live their boring lives behind and hit the open road on their bikes in search for adventure. An inspiration that sat well with Doug's wife, but Bobby had to lie to his wife that he was going for a conference, and Dudley was single.

Their journey started well, until they got into trouble with some real bikers the Del Fuegos who was led by Jack (Ray Liotta) and Woody mistakenly blew up their bar and hid the information from others.

Now on the run and not knowing it, these four friends have to find away to survive the open road that seems to be too much for them.

The downside though for me in this film is Martin Lawrence that dude over acts all the time. It is not just funny, but downright irritating every time I see him do it. In the whole movie he was the only one that I wished wasn’t there, his overacting made every part he was in feel unreal and just plain weird.

Other than that the other actors were just altogether the bomb and I really enjoyed seeing Ray Liotta in a movie that was worth more than a million to make.

In the end, you will either love this movie for what it delivered, which is good home family fun for the family or hate it for playing safe. Regardless, the movie was a huge financial success, making more than 4 times its $60 million production cost.

I love this movie and saving it as part of my archive is just necessary and I hope you will like it too, as you sit and watch it together with your family.


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