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John Wick (2014)

John Wick (2014)


Keanu Reeves
Michael Nyqvist
Alfie Allen

Directed by Chad Stanhelski

Seeing the preview makes you understand that we have another Bryan Mills on our hands. Unlike Taken (2009) when Mills was an all-round good guy who just happened to be stepped on, John Wick was an all-round bad guy, who just wanted to be left alone.

The movie boast of excellent and talented choreography that will make you love the character. The gun play and martial arts are sights to see.
A Facebook group I’m in compared both John Wick and Bryan Mills, asking who is more deadly. John was getting enough kudos for his gun shooting, and the way his determination was set on getting the man he wanted, something you have to see this movie to see and admire.

Keanu Reeves was exciting to watch, as he played a role he seems to fit so well. A quiet man living a quiet life, when strange occurrences draw him in and he has to kick ass in ways no one else can best. We saw that in Matrix (1999) when he played Neo and also in Constantine (2005) when he played the titular character John Constantine, both movies like this one are most watch.

The movie’s direction started a little too, clichés at first, then the whole let us all fear the wrath of John Wick was over flogged in the beginning, but when John suited up and began delivering justice to the ones who took the life of his dog, (yes, you heard me right if you have not seen this movie) you will understand why the massive fear of his person was splashed all over our faces in the beginning.

John Wick is a retired hitman who got sucked back in, when his former boss son decided to kill his dog and steal his car. With the aid of his close friend John Wick raged havoc on his former bosses operations and went all out to make sure that the death of his dog was avenged.

In the end, I was energized and thrilled as I sat through the movie wondering, “In Taken (although I haven’t seen Taken 3 (2014)) Bryan didn’t get his ass handed as John did.”

Before I forget: The bad guy was just stupid, here I blame the writer if they wanted to make John unstoppable go ahead, but making the bad guy catch him and instead of shouting him there and then takes him to a hideaway and tries to teach a lesson before killing him, was dumb.

Go see John Wick.


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