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The Guest (2014)

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The Guest (2014)


Dan Stevens
Maika Monroe
Brendan Meyer
Lance Reddick

Directed by Adam Wingard

Independent films are always interesting to watch. Some are not worth the time and others are just magnificent. The Guest is magnificent, the movie portrayed some very interesting acting and the story was good enough to keep you glued until the end.

Written by the director’s (Adam Wingard) constant co-contributor Simon Barrett, together they made this low budget movie and managed to make it as good as the big budget ones, removing probably intense graphic scenes and stunts.

The movie may lack some background on who the lead was in the past and what prompted him to be so violent and unstable, but who cares when a movie has managed to grab your attention and it is moving at a fast pace, you will forget about these little hitches and be swept up in the moment and recall the glitches much later.

Like the lead David Collins walking away in the end after being stabbed and shot twice.

This tragic movie is about a man who claims he is a soldier and introduces himself to the Peterson family as friend to their dead son Caleb, who died at the Afghanistan War.

Caleb's mother welcomed the man into her home whose name was David Collins (Dan Stevens), but the other members of her family were first skeptical about this new guy, but soon accepted him in.
After David moved into their home, a series of accidental deaths and unfortunate events started to occur which can be linked to someone in the Peterson family.

David got hooked on the family and defending Caleb’s younger brother and sister became a priority, but Caleb’s sister suspected this new addition to their family and upon calling his army base, she finds out more about David, and no one seems to be interested in what she has found out or has to say about David.

When I was done watching the movie, I had the urge to see more movies Adam and Simon had a hand in. Their earlier work You’re Next (2011) was a huge financial success, on a budget of 1 million the movie made over 25 million in the box office and holds a 74% approval rating in the Rotten Tomatoes. I feel The Guest is a good enough film for everyone to see, but do note it is a psychological action thriller, and will not be suitable for kids, so you and your lady will enjoy seeing this together.


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