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Burying The Ex (2014)

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Burying The Ex (2014)


Anton Yelchin
Ashley Greene

Directed by Joe Dante

Anyone with half the mind of an adult will must definitely tell you not to go see this movie. This movie was made for the lovers of B-rated horror movies who don’t mind that the plot is lame. Burying the Ex has a screenplay missing all form of maturity and the problem with such screenplay is that, you will sit through the movie wondering what else they could come up with, as it is so bad you can’t accept it could get worse.

If you ever like zombie movies, and the whole idea of the dead coming back to life, you will be utterly disappointed the way Joe Dante decided to channel this movie.
Joe has been in the movie making business for long, making horror films I guess is one of his specialties or making movie about odd creatures coming to life is one thing I guess he is known for. I liked his old movies, like Gremlins (1984), Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) and Small Soldiers (1998), but dislike this one. The movie wasn’t horror enough, which was the idea because it was a Horror comedy film, but the comedy was not even funny enough, to make the lack of horror tasteful.

I guess my thrill was seeing Pavel Chekov (Anton Yelchin) from Star Trek, but I guess I should have waited another year to see him in the next Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond (2016).

The movie is plot centers on Max (Anton Yelchin) who is dating and living with his girlfriend who is all for the environment. She makes Max eat healthy and tries to keep him off behaviors that would be bad for him, she tries to cut out his half-brother (who is a drunk and jobless waste) from his life so that his life can be great.

Yeap, she is a controlling freak and Max didn’t like it for a second, but she was beautiful, sexy and caring so Max just hung on, until she took the whole green thing too far.
The movie takes its time to make us hate Max’s girlfriend, Evelyn (Ashley Greene) controlling nature, but failed to show why the things she was trying to keep Max away from was bad. She actually was the best thing that ever happened to him, but that is my opinion.

Max now decided to break up with her, but she died before the break up, and they had somehow wished to be together forever in front of a freakishly devil genie so Evelyn crawled out of her grave to get back together with Max.

Well, if you need a movie to watch to pass time… I will advise you go do some exercise until you are worn out, then take a shower and go to bed instead.


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