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Bridesmaid (2011)

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Bridesmaid (2011)


Kristen Wiig
Maya Rudolph
Melissa McCarthy

Directed by Paul Feig

Bridesmaid was a movie that made waves in 2011 when it came out, I didn’t see it then mainly because I considered the movie a chick flick. After seeing it now I have concluded, it is a chick flick.
It is a chick flick with a lot of entertainment. Bridesmaid is well scripted, well casted and there is no dull moment while watching. The movie deserved all the attention and accolades it gathered and I do hope they don’t make a part 2 and spoil it.

Nominated for both the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Melissa McCarthy and Best Original Screenplay, this romantic comedy had Paul Feig in the director’s corner and since this movie, I have seen him gone ahead to do two more movies with Melissa McCarthy (The Heat (2013)and Spy (2015)).

Bridesmaid was both serious and fun, and the incidents that occurred in the movie were so over the top, you wouldn’t even believe, such a thing crossed the mind of the writers. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo were the writers of this movie, and Wiig went on to star in the lead role as Annie.

The movie starts with a hilarious sex scene, one you have to see. It then further introduces the two best friends and we see how Annie balanced her life which is in shambles with her love and companionship with her friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph). Everything was crap, but great for Annie until Lillian told her she was getting married, as her boyfriend has popped the question and Annie was to be the chief bridesmaid.

Annie is supposed to be thrilled to the bone for her friend, but that wasn’t the case. For Annie, she and Lillian were single together. Now she is single alone and her friend is going to start life a new with her groom.

Things got worse when Annie met groom’s boss wife, Helen. Instant dislike and jealousy sprung up between the two as Annie found out Helen and Lilian has been spending a lot of time together, bonding.

This jealousy led to the series of events, which marred the bridal shower and if not nipped in the bud will ruin the wedding and Annie’s future happiness.

Bridesmaid is a good film, funny and thrilling. It was a critical acclaim movie and a major box office success. Word is out that there are plans for a part two and like I said above, I hope the plans never fall through, movie like this just need one part.

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