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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)

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Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)


Starring the voice of
Benjamin Bratt
Michael C. Hall
Tamara Taylor

Directed by Sam Liu

Justice League: Gods and Monsters is a beautiful movie, which is set in an alternate DC universe, where our heroes have different persona and names, instead of:
-          Kal-el/Clark Kent/Superman we have Lor-Zod/Hernan Guerra/Superman
-          Bruce Wayne/Batman we have Kirk Langstrom/Batman
-          Princess Diana/Wonder Woman we have Princess Bekka/Wonder Woman

It is a dark feature, where we see our heroes killing, sucking blood and a whole lot of mass murdering going on. This time I didn't fancy the voice acting as much as I did the animation. Putting this side-by-side with the Suicide Squad trailer that came out recently, DC is not caring much for PG rated movies.

I certainly enjoyed seeing a dark side of the boy in blue, and a Batman and Superman combination where they are actually friendly towards each other, instead of the regular where the Bat seems to be heads ahead of his Boy Scout friend.

The animation is a Direct-To-DVD one written by Alan Burnett and Bruce Trimm. The animation's story is an original and will have a comic book series released showing incidents dealing individually with each member on events that occurred before this Gods and Monsters animation.

The movie kicks off with a spin, in the alternate universe when Jor-El had finished the ship that will take his son to earth, General Zod, broke into his chambers and implanted his DNA instead of Jor-El's into the egg that was sent to earth.
The Superman in this universe is the son General Zod, and Batman is a vampire, who sucks blood. The last member of the league is Wonder Woman whose story is a quite long.

These three use brute force, kill and suck blood to make sure that earth is safe.
There is also a Lex Luther in this film, but he is good, more of like a peace loving individual who just wants to have knowledge about the stars.

The group didn't have a welcoming fan base based on their style of dishing out law, and things further went sour when renowned scientists start dying mysteriously.

One was found drained of blood in the Arctic, another stabbed with a woman's boot print on his car door, and the last burnt alive by heat vision.

All the signs point to the league who claims to be innocent of the whole thing.

The animation is fun to see, a dark twist to the heroes we know, a movie to guy and watch and not with the kids.


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