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Minions (2015)

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Minions (2015)


Starring the voice of
Pierre Coffin
Sandra Bullock
Jon Hamm
Michael Keaton
Allison Janney
Steve Coogan

Directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda

Saw Minions and I wasn’t impressed. I guess I was expecting too much from the gibberish talking, yellow looking creatures whose sole aim is to serve.

I have to applaud the writers for the script though, it was a nice attempt and the movie had its funny moments, but it was not as good as the movie it spin-off from (Despicable Me (2010)and Despicable Me 2 (2013))

I guess the story origin of the Minions was the tripping part of the movie, they have been in existence from the dawn of time, they have moved through history searching for the most evil and despicable master to serve.
(Spoiler Alert: this happened in the first 10 minutes of the movie)
The problem they keep having is keeping their masters alive long enough to enjoy serving him. Series of unfortunate events (which they initiate) leads to the death or demise of their masters. They served:
1)      A T. Rex
2)      A caveman
3)      An Egyptian pharaoh
4)      A medieval king
5)      A pirate captain
6)      Genghis Khan
7)      Napoleon
8)      Dracula.

The fun in the first ten minutes was watching this transition from master to master and the series of unfortunate events that led to their demise. The death of Dracula in the film is one you will love they actually exposed him to sunlight while trying to celebrate his birthday.

That is basically the plot of the movie, the Minions are in search of a new evil master to serve, and Kevin with volunteers Stu and Bob travel to New York City in search for a master. There they learned about the Villain-Con, a villain convention where supervillains from around the world meet to recruit new henchmen.

The Minions attended and somehow got hired by Scarlet Overkill the greatest and first female supervillain in the world. Kevin calls the others to meet him, Stu and Bob in London (where Scarlet stays) as she plans to steal the Queen Elizabeth’s crown with the aid of her three new henchmen.

I have seen the Minion shorts and they have all been great, which led me to go see this feature length film, but half way in I got bored, I missed Gru and the girls. I feel the Minions are great when they play the supporting cast, and are not the lead role.

If you like Despicable Me and you are in the mood for some gibberish talk from those lovely Minions, then go see this movie, if not.. wait for Despicable Me 3 (2017).


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