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Super Mario Bros. (1993)

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Super Mario Bros. (1993)


Bob Hoskins
John Leguizamo
Dennis Hopper
Samantha Mathis

Directed by Rocky Morton and Annabel Jankel

After seeing the Honest Trailer on Screen Junkies (Youtube) I just had to go look for this film. Reading more on the movie on Wikipedia didn’t help, it just made me more inquisitive.

Here is a movie Bob Hoskins (he plays Mario) said, "the worst thing I ever did" and his quoted to have answered Super Mario Bros. to three of the questions he was asked in a 2007 interview with The Guardian. The questions were, "What is the worst job you've done," "What has been your biggest disappointment," and "If you could edit your past, what would you change?

John Leguizamo who played Luigi also said in his autobiography "Oh man that movie sucks. And I suck in it."
I just had to see this movie to see why it sucked and boy did it suck. This movie is so off the mark and borderline confused on whether it was a family film or not. When I was done watching, I felt the directors and writers never played the Mario game before making this movie.

The movie has good effects, bearing in mind it was done in the early 90s, but the story and screenplay didn’t add up.

What was with the fungus?

The game made sense with the characters (the bad guys) being anthropomorphic turtles, instead in this movie they were humanoids of reptilian descent, living in another dimension. Mario and Luigi live in the human world.

For the movie plot, I was expecting Mario to have to go save Princess Peach, but the movie’s love focus was on Luigi and Princess Daisy. That was my first turn off.
Daisy was brought to the human world and raised there, Koopa needed to get a rock which was in Daisy’s possession, so he sent his goons to kidnap her and bring her to his own dimension, which they did.

Mario and Luigi followed into the new world, where fungus is growing everywhere and Koopa was king and ruler.
The two heroes have to find Koopa and save Princess Daisy before Koopa gets his hands on the rock in Daisy’s possession and merge the human world with his.

Being critically panned by critics and also a box office disaster (making $20 million from a $48 million production cost) It is rumored, this is the reason no other live action film has been released from the Nintendo garage of characters and I hope they get over it, this was in 1993 a lot of great writers can spin characters like Metroid and Zelda into box office hits.

I don’t know why, but I will be keeping this crap.


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