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Ted 2 (2015)

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Ted 2 (2015)


Mark Wahlberg
Seth MacFarlane
Amanda Seyfried

Directed by Seth MacFarlane

Ted 2 is not a movie to watch. It showed that the writers had no idea what else to do with a talking teddy bear. I didn’t like the first movie and gave it a 5/10 rating, I didn’t expect the next part to be better than the first, but I didn’t expect it to suck this much. You won’t believe how much of this movie you can literally cut out because they added nothing to the story and cannot pass as comedy scenes either.

The movie had enough cameos, but even they couldn’t save the movie.

The plot is so lacking insight it is despicable, Ted decided to get married: a teddy bear with no male genital tying the knot with his girlfriend, which takes me back to the first movie where you see him with women (sex implied), and even then I was wondering what weird sense of humor Seth and his co-writers have.

John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) is his best man of course, but he is going through some rough patch as his marriage is over.

Ted and his wife decided to adopt a child to further strengthen their marital bond, when it came to the states notice that Ted can’t adopt, hold a job or even be married as he is a property and can’t stand as a human.
John convinces Ted to sue the state, but they are up against some big guns who want to claim Ted as their property and rip him apart to see what makes him tick.

The reason why we have to endure this crap is because in 2012 Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) wrote a story about a boy who made a wish for his Teddy Bear to come to life and the wish came true, as the bear came to life, but turned out to be foul mouthed and loved to get high. Seth made a movie about a 35 year old man and his bromance with a 27 year old teddy bear named Ted.

Ted (2012) was Seth’s full length directorial debut costing $85 million to materialize and made over $540 million in the box office, not including DVD sales.
You can guess the rest of the story, a part two was already in the works, with Seth coming back to direct and what you just read above is the crappy plot for the part 2 they made.

Please avoid this movie like a plague.


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