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All of Me (1984)

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All of Me (1984)


Steve Martin
Lilly Tomlin

Directed by Carl Reiner

Saw this movie when I was much younger and the line that stuck in my head was:
“Back in bowl”
And the scene I recall clearly is the idea that a blind man, drowned down water containing a soul, thinking it was whiskey.

This movie is crazy, funny and fantastic there is nothing wrong with this movie at all and I felt Steve Martin’s performance was over the top and memorable. For me a good movie is no good, if I can’t remember the fun moments. When I wanted to see this movie I spent time on my site and recalled the good time I had watching this movie way back when.

The movie plot is about a lawyer Roger Cobb (Steve Martin) who is ready to do anything to be a partner at his law firm. He was sent to manage and oversee the Edwina Cutwater (Lily Tomlin) estate worth over $20 million dollars.

Roger took the assignment only to meet the lady and discover that after she dies, she wants her soul taken out of her body and placed in a bowl by a spiritual specialist, who then transfers her soul into the daughter of her stable guy. Roger found everything going on to be nuts and storms off after making things rather unpleasant in the Edwina house, only for Edwina to arrange a meeting with his bosses and dies there.

Her soul is then taken out of her body and into the bowl which then fell in Steve Martin’s head.

I like the future and development around us in this millennium, you are able to seek out your favorite movies of time past on online and pay a few dollars to see them, I don’t have to fumble around looking for a video store that kept old relics like this one.

The movie’s plot is pitiable and can make you not be interested in seeing the movie, but that is not it for All of Me, the movie is funny and the crazy plot develops into a funny ride.

I read somewhere that an attempt is being done to remake this movie, well that to me will be a very risky investment. This movie is great, but deciding to do a reboot based on this same story, I don’t think many will enjoy it.

So if you are in the mood for some Steve Martin fun, All of Me should be added to your list for a movie fest of Steve Martin.


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