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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct (2015)

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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instinct (2015)


Starring the voice of
Roger Craig Smith
Dana Snyder
Chris Diamantopoulos

Directed by Butch Lukic

The animation started looking lame in the first 5 minutes, as the drawings were not exceptional like the previous Warner Bros animations and I had to go all Wikipedia on the animated movie to be sure it was done by Warner Bros. The animation was annoying to behold because I know they could have done better, but probably because they were planning this to be a sequel to an upcoming series so not much was pumped in as budget.

Then the story kicked off, it dragged for one too many minutes on what was meant to be the story depth. I guess this is one of those, which was not meant to be a great money puller, based on the way the story went. But in the end it was more like a boring introduction to an interesting turn of events. Although if this was not a Batman animation I would have gladly turned it off and probably missed the interesting things ahead.

I guess (not sure) the reason I didn’t see this in the DC animated original movies list is because the movie and its sequel Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem are meant to be prequels to a set of animated series and not much of an addition to the DC universe.

Another thing in the movie I don’t quite agree on is the way Flash was portrayed, the funny and useful Wally West (I believe it was Wally because the guy joked around a lot to be Barry Allen) is here seen as lame and clumsy, he was like a kid who just learned how to walk.

The other thing missing in this movie which in a way (I’m talking about the movie) was supposed to be the origin of The Penguin or Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepo, was the main thing itself, the origin of the Penguin. I guess they expected the viewer to have seen the live action TV series Gotham to have gotten an insight to who The Penguin was and why he was so bad.

Well here is the plot, Batman and his family crew Red Robin and Nightwing are faced with what appears to be attacks from various animalistic villains who are attacking high risk places, but nothing seemed to be missing. In the whole hullabaloo, Green Arrow and Flash joined in the case of trying to round up these criminals before the succeed in their plot, a plot none of them has a clue what it is, except rich man Oswald Cobblepo (The Penguin) who has a clear hand into all that is going on.

Here is a movie you can miss, plan on watching the sequel Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, hope it will be better.


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