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Ant-Man (2015)

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Ant-Man (2015)


Paul Rudd
Evangeline Lilly
Corey Stoll
Michael Douglas

Directed by Peyton Reed

This will be the first Marvel/Disney movie I have seen that I can say was not totally impactful when it came to the action and the explosions. The movie started of slow and when the excitement of seeing him move with the ants and taking on Falcon of the Avengers, was over every other thing the movie had to offer was not off the top classic enough to be memorable.

For me seeing Hank Pym was the excitement and Michael Douglas delivered. Paul Rudd was the lead, but Michael Douglas for me stole the show. But as said above the movie was very compact when it came to the action I expected, that is comparing this movie to the previous Marvel movies before it. Thinking ahead to the next set of Marvel movies, this will be one of those ones which will be seen as good, but not just good enough to compete with the others.

Not much of an Ant-Man fan and I was expecting to see Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) the scientist in the suit, but this Ant-Man movie focuses on Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) whose mentor is Hank Pym, as Hank has retired from wearing the suit.

In Hank’s company his protégé Darren is dying to understand the theory and the magic behind the Ant-Man’s ability, which led to Hank shoving him aside and Darren had him voted off the board of his (Hank’s) company.

Now Darren (Corey Stoll) has figured out how to make the Ant-Man suit and he is ready to sell it to anyone willing to pay the price for them, but not if Hank Pym had something to say about it. He monitored, watched, trained with the help of his daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly), to make Scott Lang suitable to wear the Ant-Man costume. Scott’s task was easy, break into Hank’s former company and steal the prototype suit from Darren and destroy every document and detail that can lead to the recreation of it again.

Although this is not the best Marvel Universe movie, it is not the worst, so go see it.
The movie solidifies the idea that Marvel or better still Marvel owners Disney want to remain in the PG area. For me Disney is just playing safe when it comes to its movies, wanting it so that everyone can go see it.
DC Comics on the other hand owned by Warner Bros are playing on the other side of the fence, their movies and the upcoming ones are usually R-rated.

Ant-Man is fun to watch and captivating none the least, not much of explosions, but enough implosion to go around.


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