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Entourage (2015)

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Entourage (2015)


Kevin Connolly
Adrian Grenier
Kevin Dillon
Jerry Ferrara
Jeremy Piven

Directed by Doug Ellin

I can bet, I like anyone who loved the series never thought Entourage can do no harm with screen time. Sad to say, there is something called too much Vincent Chase and his guys because I was bored of seeing them.
This movie is bad in many levels, and boring in others, no wonder many didn’t rush to the cinema to go see it, after the bad reviews it had gotten from critics. I like others backed away from the movie, making this movie a financial lost.

When a series you love decides to do a full length movie, there is nothing stopping you from seeing it, right?
Wrong, bad reviews can.

Entourage was well celebrated and I loved the series, and the amount of love the series got from fans led HBO and Warner Bros. Pictures to believe, even though they had a crappy screenplay, a worthless script all they had to do is make a movie with the same cast, fill it with enough cameos and this movie will make $20 million in the first week. Boy did we surprise them…

They had to just wreck it, they couldn’t leave us alone with a nice HBO ending, we had to struggle through 90 minutes of total crap to come to the same conclusions that the critics had. I guess my problem was, the movie had nothing new to offer, there was no challenge, all we got to see was the cast’s triumph.

Get my point, the same way good news is no news, if everything was all right with the world CNN will be out of business. Same thing with movies, there’s got to be a challenge somewhere for this movie to stick in your mind, and keep you captivated.

To be honest E (Vince’s manager) story in the movie was more interesting than the whole movie itself, then writer Doug Ellin (he also directed, did the screenplay and produced with Mark Wahlberg) and Rob Weiss screwed that up too. I was so surprised that they did.
(Spoiler Alert)
They movie played a new tune, E had two women pregnant at the same time, all for us to find out it wasn’t true. How long did that suspense last? Like 10 minutes. So to me the only good thing in the movie was the 10 minutes of wondering if E was going to be a father of two children from two different women.

The movie plot is simple, Vince is divorced, E is divorced and the bachelor crew are back, and Vince wants to make a movie where he gets to direct. Ari Gold was going to be the Executive producer and he will be financing the movie with other co-financiers.

The problem Vince was having with the movie was, it was getting too expensive to finish, and the whole movie is about him trying to get more money from Ari to finish his movie.

Do yourself a favor, skip this retard of a movie.


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