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Frenzy (1972)

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Frenzy (1972)


Jon Finch
Alec McCowen
Barry Foster

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Frenzy, is one of the few British movies Alfred Hitchcock did after moving to America. The movie is well done and the way things played off, I didn’t suspect them to go that way from the beginning of the movie.
If anyone else did, then they are better at riddles than I because the movie starts with a murder and an introduction of what we are going to be involved with: A serial killer, who is a sadistic sexual predator. It then shifts focus to people who have nothing to do with the murder at hand.

The movie takes us into the life of a man, Dick Blaney whose luck seems to have ran out as everything was not going well for him, and he seemed to be at the losing end of everything. The movie further introduce more people, the detective who is trying to solve the case and his very intelligent wife who seemed to be on some cooking practical course.

The movie further introduces more characters into this very twisting plot, we had Blaney wife, his girlfriend and his very annoying boss.

Now here is the masterpiece of Hitchcock, there is a side character we get to see once or twice in the beginning of the movie. He didn’t have much screen time in the early parts, like the others mentioned above, then all of a sudden he shows up in an unexpected place and here we have the murderer and the focus of the movie changes from everyone else to him.

Here we have a murderer on the loose and a man who is wrongfully accused of the murder going to jail for it. We also have an inspector who is not convinced he has the right man and continues to investigate.

I have to be honest I was set ablaze in my heart when I saw the masterful way Hitchcock directed this movie. The way the focus switches making you wonder how everything that was happening would tie together, and the moment Blaney walked out from his wife’s office after he knocked and there was no answer, all the pieces started to fall into place.

You have to see this movie for the masterful directing of Hitchcock. I think this movie should be one movie anyone who wants to make a thriller should see before he takes a sit in the director’s chair.

If you like thrillers and a good suspense, the Frenzy is for you.


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