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The Boss (2016)

The Boss (2016)


Melissa McCarthy
Kristen Bell

Directed by Ben Falcone
Melissa McCarthy previous movie Spy (2015) was very funny and interesting to watch, here we see her playing a hard lady, no emotions, selfish and lacking no form of empathy. Altogether the movie was a waste of my time. I didn’t laugh once neither did I find her or her co-cast funny. The writers only succeeded in keeping me in anticipation and let me down hard.

In summary the movie plot is on how she came back from a financial downfall due to her pride. Have in mind this is a movie not a biography, but not withstanding a comeback based on her selling girls scout cookies??? Who wrote that?

The Boss is anything, but good. What I saw on screen passed the message loud and clear, “Having Melissa McCarthy in your film is not a guaranty critical and commercial success.”

I feel many of the comedians of today are over celebrated, like Kevin Hart and his movie Ride Along 2 (2016). Under no circumstance should such a movie be made, but it was because producers believe in the brand power of Hart. Now this movie was made because of the brand power of McCarthy as a comedian who is perfect in playing roles depicting a woman in a position she shouldn't be in. In the end, she shouldn't have been in this movie because it is beneath her person, she is a funny and talented actress, but here is bad script with horrible screenplay and forgettable lines, which she should have skipped.

The Boss tries to make you laugh, but succeeds in making you angry as you watch a plot about a woman Michelle Darnell (Melissa McCarthy) who grew up being bounced from one foster home to another. After many rejections she decided she doesn’t need anybody or a family to be successful and happy.

She started building a career for herself, stepping on people to get to the top and when she got there she decided to do anything to stay there, which landed her in prison and she losing everything.

When she got out and having nowhere to go, she decided to go pay a visit to her former assistant Claire (Kristen Bell), Claire took her in and she became close to Claire’s daughter Rachel. She went to one of Rachel girls scout cookie meetings and had an idea to make a fortune using kids to sell cookies.

Please go see another movie.


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