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Analyze That (2002)

Analyze That (2002)


Robert De Niro
Billy Crystal

Directed by Harold Ramis

One thing my parents taught me is, when you are lost, just stop and try to retrace your step back to when you last knew where you were. This film was totally lost from the set go, it looked more like the deleted scenes from the previous movie Analyze This (1999). There is no way the producers can say they didn’t suspect that this movie was going down the wrong pipe from the beginning, but I guess they believed too much on the ability of fans to swallow crap.

The musical score was awful and the jokes are nowhere to be found and the situation of Paul Vitti trying to be a reformed mobster with a psychiatrist holding his hand and leads him down the path of good, looked more lame and forced than it was supposed to be.

The whole production idea was fueled by the success both critically and commercially of the first film, the producers decided to try making a movie of what will happen if Paul Vitti tries to go straight. Now the part in the film where he does try to go straight were annoying, I guess they were meant to be funny, but seeing my beloved Paul trying to be a good maître-d almost made me gag.

This movie totally wrecks the first, if you see them back to back (and I will strongly advice against that) you will totally forget the good vibes Analyze This (1999) shared with you the viewer.

This movie was met with negative reviews upon its release, it has a 27% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and it was also a box office bomb, making just above $55 million on a $60 million production budget.

The movie introduces Paul (Robert De Niro) in prison having full control of everything in there until his cell mate gets transferred, Paul suspecting foul play hid under the bed and made his bed look like he was sleeping under the sheet. Late in the night someone shot at his bed thinking it was Paul.

Noticing that his life was in danger the longer he remains in prison, Paul went on an acting spree pretending to have lost his mind. His old friend and psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) was called in to evaluate Paul, and even he could not tell if Paul was faking it or not. Paul was released into his custody, and when they drove off from the eyes of the cops, Paul started acting normal again.

Paul was convinced to try and live a good life, but after another attempt on his life, Paul takes a job as a consultant on a TV show, where he starts to coordinate his plans.

Please watch Analyze This (1999) and stop there.


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