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Analyze This (1999)

Analyze This (1999)


Robert De Niro
Billy Crystal

Directed by Harold Ramis

Analyze This is one of those movies that many may not like because it is about gangsters but yet not gangster enough, it is a comedy but not that kind that is fitting to take your family to go see. This movie drops enough vulgar words and onscreen violence to make sure that the viewers will be 18 and above.
Analyze This for me is one of those movies you are to sit back and allow the actors and the events take you on a fictitious journey of a mobster losing his mind. You will be thrilled watching Robert De Niro play a mob boss again, something I still recall he did best in Godfather 2 (1974) when he played young Don Coeleone. Here De Niro plays Paul Vitti another mob boss who is in charge of his family and is one of the top bosses, but setting events is making him loss his grip.

This 1999 movie was directed by the late Harold Ramis, who pulled out a wonderful blend from the acting duo of Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro. The casting director did a good job in casting the mafia family and everyone involved, down to Lisa Kudrow.

Then the script and dialogue will have you either holding your breath in anticipation of what will happen next and squeal in laughter when it finally happens.

Analyze this starts strong with the jokes and maintains this pace all through the movie. It starts with a brief introduction by Paul Vitti himself as he tries to update us on what led to the present moment.

After a meal with his friend and father figure, Paul’s split decision to go and get toothpick led to him narrowly surviving an assassination attempt, although his father figure was killed.

The incident shook Paul and caused him to start having panic attacks and Paul having to go to the hospital because he misdiagnosed his panic attacks to be heart attacks.

Paul asked his right hand man Jelly to help connect him with a psychiatrist, it so happens Jelly’s car was ran into by a psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) who gave Jelly his card incase Jelly wants to call him for repairs. Jelly hands the card to Paul and that is where the movie starts.

In the end the movie had an above average approval rating and it was a commercial success which made the studio consider making a part two.
Now that Vitti is in jail and the doctor is finally free from his services, you guess is as good as mine what the writers and producers will do next.


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