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Angry Birds (2016)

Angry Birds (2016)


Starring the voice of
Jason Sudeikis
Josh Gad
Danny McBride
Maya Rudolph

Directed by Clay Kaytis and Fergal Reilly

Other than being clear why the Birds hate the Pigs, this movie had nothing to offer me the viewer and I had to keep fighting to stay awake thanks to the massive dose of boredom the movie served.

It is not all the time you have to go with the critics rating on a movie, but when both the critics and the audience give a movie a bad rating on rotten tomatoes, I guess you just have to believe the movie is bad or you see it for yourself to conclude.
For me the writers and producers were served an empty plate as this Angry Birds movie is based on an app game, whose objective is to knock down obstacles and take down as many pigs as you can along the way.
The app has no concrete storyline and the writers and producers could have spun this movie anyway they wanted, but they chose this boring route.

The Angry Birds movie start with the introduction of an island filled with birds who can’t fly. Then we are introduced to Red who is bird with anger problems, and goes off the handle when the opportunity presents itself. He is avoided and sidelined as different as the other happy birds live their lives with no care in the world.

The one day a ship docks on their island and pigs led by the ship captain Leonard come on the island as friends wanting to get to know the birds of the island.

Red suspects that they were up to no good and decides to find a way to stop these pigs.

Thanks to the massive popularity of the game during its weekend release it took first place, a feat I don’t expect it to maintain as Angry Birds showed up during the time when Disney has gotten the family weekend entertainment locked down. The bad reviews the movie is getting may cause families to go Disney this weekend and opt for second helpings of Zootopia (2016)(which I saw thrice), The Jungle Book (2016) or Captain America: Civil War (2016).

This year we are expecting four video game based movies coming out with Ratchet and Clank (2016) starting but it’s bad reviews and is affecting its box office performance. Angry Birds on the other hand has for a long time been a crowd puller with the games having been downloaded millions of times over and for the reason of popularity this movie should be profitable at the end of its run.

For me, I’m so disappointed at the movie’s storyline.


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