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Central Intelligence (2016)

Central Intelligence (2016)


Dwayne Johnson
Kevin Hart

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber

Not much of a Kevin Hart fan, but this was a funny movie and you will totally enjoy the buddy love #bromance that exist between Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart.
What I liked most is the twist of events, where Dwayne the 6ft+ handsome man is playing a role where he worships the high school award winning homecoming king Kevin Hart. Normally this situation is in the reverse, because both of them standing side by side you will believe one would rather play the role of the other, but this movie did a mash up of roles that worked.

Central Intelligence is an action comedy about two high school classmates who team up to save the world and what will keep you glued is how much Dwayne Johnsons character Robbie Weirdicht aka Bob Stone adores Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart).

For me seeing The Rock step out of character from playing the cool ass whooping tough guy to being a total douche, worshiping his high school hero guy, is awesome. The fun got elevated when you find out that Bob Stone is actually a top CIA operative, who is trying to save the world from a terrorist named the black badger.

The events in the movie started to get all wrapped up when Calvin gets a Facebook friend request from a Bob Stone. He accepts the request only to find out that Bob Stone was actually Robbie Weirdicht a fat kid from high school who ten years ago was stripped naked and tossed into the gym during a pep rally. Calvin was the only person in that rally who helped Bob to get away with the little dignity he had left.

They both decided to hook up, Calvin not believing that Robbie had lost weight and is all built.
He also notices that Bob had this crush on him, which made him uncomfortable at first, but after Bob took down four guys at the bar who were trying to bully Calvin, Calvin became comfortable with Bob.

That night Bob asked Calvin for a favour to help him track down some account numbers, after doing so, Bob asked if he could spend the night. The next morning CIA agents showed up at Calvin’s house, and Bob miraculously vanished without a trace leaving Calvin to answer questions about his whereabouts.

Calvin discovers that Bob is a CIA agent on the run from the CIA who believes he has gone rogue and is trying to sell encryption codes to take over satellites orbiting the earth.

Calvin agrees to help the CIA, but is corned by Bob who says he is innocent, but has to catch the real culprit to clear his name and save the world. Calvin is now trapped between the two not wanting to be part of anything that is going on, but can’t get away from it.

The whole movie is a fun ride, one you will totally enjoy.


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