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Warcraft (2016)

Warcraft (2016)


Travis Fimmel
Paula Patton
Ben Foster
Dominic Cooper

Directed by Duncan Jones

For a person who have not played the game of Warcraft before, the movie was my first introduction to the franchise and I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.
This Warcraft film is an adaptation of a video games series set in the world of Azeroth, the movie is an action fantasy and it mixes the blend of CGI and live action to deliver its tale. Most fun I had in the movie are the fight scenes, where the orcs take on the humans, in what is supposed to be a workover for the orcs, we get to see their human counterpart take them on and even kill them. To add to this is the visual effect and the awesome cinematic thrills that follow.

Now critics have panned this film for the directive and writing style of Duncan Jones.
But I liked the way he decided not to play safe, he just went into the movie with little to no introduction of where we are or what we are watching or where these things come from, he just dived in and started making things happen on screen.
Such a style can be annoying even for me because a story with no depth is not a story. But I guess the visual effects and thrilling action had me hooked. Every characters has a shallow intro to who they are and what they stand for, but the movie didn’t win me over in the way Medivh was good then bad, then good.

One more thing I enjoyed was the fight Choreography in the Mak'gora (which is a traditional orcish duel to the death) when our protagonist Sir Anduin Lothar take on an orc, the fight was over in 5 seconds, but it was an elevating 5 seconds.

Warcraft starts its introduction in the land of Draenor, homeland of the orcs, there we see the land of Draenor being destroyed. Gul’dan an orc who knows magic convinces the orcs to band together with him, forming a mighty army knows as Horde, he then tells them he can move them from ther dying world to a new world where they can conquer, the new world is Azeroth.

To accomplish this transition from one world to another a gate portal has to be opened with the sacrifice of souls. Gul’dan uses the captured Draenei as his sacrifice and moves into Azeroth with a small band of orcs to capture enough humans to open the portal again and let all the orcs into Azeroth.

The King of Azeroth a human and his men sought the aid of their guardian who also knows magic to assist them in the wading off of these attackers. But during the battle, loyalty became a problem on both sides.

With an ending which makes the whole movie look more like a TV series pilot of more to come, I hope box office returns will be fair to this movie.


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