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Money Monster (2016)

Money Monster (2016)


George Clooney
Julia Roberts
Jack O'Connell

Directed by Jodie Foster

This movie has a strong cast and the story is captivating enough to make you curious to see how it will end. Money Monster shows off the rage of an individual when his money is taken for a ride. Much of this happens when CEOs close up shop, but still remain strong financially, but their investors lose everything.
We all witnessed or were affected by the stock market crash, and I guess many would have been ready to shoot the person who advised them to get into the stock market previous to the crash, the movie didn’t focus on a stock market crash, but on a stock crash. What was supposed to be a homerun financially for everyone involved ended up being a strike out.

The movie also explores information dispersing, when people who call themselves expert advice people on what to invest their money on, no one tells the investor that nothing is a sure thing and as possible it is for a company to make a profit, so possible it is for them to make a loss.

I never had any interest in seeing Money Monster, basically not enough trending news about the film to make me interested in seeing it.
Julia Roberts is a star from the old days, George Clooney has maintained his stay as a top actor and Jodie Foster came in to direct this thriller, all of this didn’t do it for me to go see the movie it was the trailer that got my attention.

Here is a movie about a man who decided to take the gun to the advisor demanding to know how he has gone broke in a matter of days.

The movie plot starts with the introduction of a TV Show focused on the stock market with an energetic carefree host named Lee Gates (George Clooney) who some time ago gave people an advice to buy IBIS Clear Capital’s stock.
Sometime later the stock flunked and the CEO Walt Camby (Dominic West) blamed the fall of the stock on a flaw in the trading algorithm. But the CEO was sending messages as he was not on ground to answer the question of the investors who lost their money.

One of such investor is Kyle Budwell (Jack O'Connell) who decided to take the matter up and find out what happened to his life savings. Kyle showed up on the show like a delivery man and pulled a gun on the host while on air and forced him to admit that he led him and other investors astray and for him to help get answers.

Lee’s director (Julia Roberts) decided to take control of Lee by directing him on how to handle the current situation.

I enjoyed Money Monster, regardless of the lackluster view of the reviews and I believe it is a fun watch.


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