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Finding Dory (2016)

Finding Dory


Starring the voice of
Ellen DeGeneres
Albert Brooks
Hayden Rolence
Ed O'Neill

Directed by Andrew Stanton

Right from start when I heard that Andrew Stanton will be back to direct and write this sequel to one of the best animation I have ever seen (Finding Nemo (2003)), I was hooked, and impatiently waiting to see this movie.

Finding Dory is the long awaited follow up to Disney/Pixar 2003 computer animated comedy adventure, Finding Nemo. At the time of Finding Nemo’s release it was number 1 in the highest grossing animation of all time.
The magic of Finding Nemo can be found in memorable characters that make up the adventure of a fish searching the whole ocean for his son. Each character from the movie had a specific view and twist from being normal, this made the lead characters Marlin, Dory and Nemo fit in perfectly as we are taking on a wonderful journey under the sea.

So, from the get go, Disney had the characters with a perfect foundation for this sequel. Now the focus in this sequel is on Dory as you could have guessed from the title, but her new family Marlin and Nemo were in for the ride.
Another great thing the writer Andrew Stanton did was to take the funny out of point lines and song (Just Keep Swimming) that Dory said/sang in Finding Nemoto make a story set a year after the first movie signifying Dory remembering things from her past.

In this movie we don’t see Sharks or Mike the seagull, but remember the sea turtle Crush, the teacher Mr Ray, well they had cameos as this movie is filled with new characters.

For me a huge fan of Dory I worried what will happen to her in this movie, so I didn’t prep (no reading up for the movie or watching a preview) I went in with virgin eyes and was blown away, as Dory went searching for her family. On her journey she lost her new family, found them again and lost them.

I bit my nails as I watched Dory’s adventure kick start with dreams and flash backs of Dory as a child with her parents. As she goes looking for them she meets a new friend an octopus with seven legs which she called a septopus.

Finding Dory’s good box office start puts it well on its way to compete for the highest grossing animation so far this year, I don’t see Ice Age’s new addition to the list of animations this year (Ice Age: Collision Course (2016)) put up much of a fight.
Finding Dory has a herculean task ahead as Disney’s earlier release Zootopia (2016)has already grossed over a billion.

Now, you can guess from the way I have been going on that this movie is fun and awesome to see, so don’t delay to go to the cinemas with your children to go see this movie, I can guarantee you will be paying the movie a second visit.


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