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Keanu (2016)

Keanu (2016)


Keegan-Michael Key
Jordan Peele

Directed by Peter Atencio

The movie script isn’t something new, as there are many movies with people posing and trying to pull out the tough macho look, where a buddy couple want to prove to some gangstas that they are just as bad as the rest. The only difference in this movie is the whole reason of trying to pull off this tough macho act is to get back a cat that was abducted from the duo.

Keanu is a movie about a man’s obsession on a cat he feels walked into his life at the right time. Now with a script this lazy and a plot that never had the mind to be serious or even attempt to make sense, rising from the ashes is enough comic events to keep entertained.

Keanu hit the right notes comicwise and this fast paced action comedy had a very memorable cast and each one I must agree delivered an A+ performance.
Leading this cast is Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele of the Key and Peele Show. Their show is a comedy sketch which ran for 5 seasons on comedy central, Peele paired with one of the writers of the show (Alex Rubens) to pen down the script for this movie.

One cast that stood out in this movie is Method Man, the rapper who is no stranger to the screen as he has been casted in many enough movies, delivered also a wonderful performance.

The movie introduces a pair of contract killers named Allentown Boys who entered a Mexican drug lord operational facility and killed everyone in sight, using acrobatic display of their perfection of the act of killing. The only creature to have survived this massacre is a cat which was owned by the drug lord.

Somewhere else Rell Dresden (Jordan Peele) is depressed and smoking hard because his girlfriend had dumped him. Rell finds a cat on his doorstep and believes it to be a sign for him to get his life back together, Rell focusses his obsessive behavior on the cat. His cousin Clarence Dresden (Keegan-Michael Key) visits him to cheer him up when he too meets the cat which Rell has now named Keanu.

Both goes to see a movie to return home to find Rell’s home turned upside down and Keanu missing, now Rell gets info from his drug supplier that Cheddar (Method Man) has their cat. Both locates Cheddar and claim to be killers called Tectonic and Shark Tank and in the whole process of them trying to act tough they get confused with the Allentown Boys.  Cheddar ask them to help him sale his new drug Holy Shit in return for their cat back.

My main concern with the movie still boils down to the plot, although the incidents that surrounds the plot are funny and comical, the plot is too weak to make you want to see this movie a second time and too odd to convince someone to go see it.


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