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Justice League Dark (2017)

Justice League Dark (2017)


Starring the voice of
Matt Ryan
Jason O’Mara

Directed by Jay Oliva

The earth is being terrorized by demons and things beyond natural, things we will term supernatural and the only people who can being these things to an end are the Justice League, but not the regular Justice League, I mean Justice League Dark.

First off I must say the preview of this animation is better than the full-blown movie, even though I enjoyed the movie itself.

John Constantine’s character was voiced by the British actor Matt Ryan, he played Constantine in the failed TV series and featured in a crossover in the CW series Arrow as John Constantine.

The movie plays into the Bats style of handling issues, alone without the other members of Justice League interfering. He denied the paranormal activities then after being stalked by Deadman/Boston Brand, he made his way to search for Zatanna hoping that with her help he would be able to find John Constantine.

The movie plot carries you like an introduction to the characters that make up Justice League Dark, but then as the movie goes on you wonder where the plot is going as one of the characters was in a way set aside, like there is no plan to make a follow-up to this movie with Swamp Thing in it.

The animation was well drawn, shown in a fluid and enticing way that will make you say, “Good job Warner Bros.” The animations opening scene contains a lot of dead people which plays to why it was given an adult 18 rating.

The movie plot starts with people from different part of the world experiencing weird visions of demons leading to the death of many. Our heroes in Justice League cannot explain these incidents they just notice that the people all claim to be seeing demons.

As said previously Batman contacted Constantine with the aid of Zatana and Deadman to help solve this problem. The four of them were joined by Jason Blood/Etrigan the Demon and got aid from Swamp Thing as they tried to find the source of the problem plaguing the world.
They continued their search only to discover much later that they have been led in the wrong direction. Now doubling back and facing a betrayal, they now must face up with another entity who calls himself a god and wants to take over the earth.

The team did a great job handling matters and placed the villain at bay and brought peace to some the life of the newly formed team.
Justice League Dark is a movie to see.


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