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Fist Fight (2017)

Fist Fight (2017)


Ice cube
Charlie Day

Directed by Richie Keen

Having a nice movie weekend and decide to trump it by watching Fist Fight, one of the most moronic thing ever put together to be called a movie.

I give it to the movie for one thing, everything happened in a stretch. The producers did not have to bother much about location and much of scripting as most of the scenes in the movie occurred during one day in high school.
The person that wrote this movie and thought he had in a way put together a movie to be seen by anyone other than himself must have been taking some of the drugs used in this movie. The movie's pacing was awful, it was moving so fast at times I forgot the names of the lead characters and had to wait for their names to be called.

The movie is supposed to be an overreaction of teachers in a school with fictional behaved teens as students, which is supposed to be silly fun, but it was not.
Everything in the movie which is supposed to be the comic attraction that will make you stay behind to see the ending is missing and what you are left with is a bunch of adults making a fool of themselves and calling it a movie.

Charlie Day has always been comfortable playing a character who is unaware of his childishness and is happy being in that limbo of a world. Ice Cube plays a tough confident guy, with motives to make the world a better place. When these two teachers meet, they producers were expecting a Buddy Comedy about an Odd Couple, but I can see from ratings and box office returns they did not get what they wanted.

You will think with these two sitting in comfortable positions to make this movie, the movie will turn out great and be one to watch, but that was not the case when it came to Fist Fight. The characters were comfortable in their shorts, but the movie was terrible making them just as terrible as the events they were presenting on screen.

The movie did not even bother to waste time developing any character, it rushes into introducing the leads, the supporting cast and the theme. We then watch as these two leads go in and out with one trying to fight and the other trying to avoid fighting.

The movie plot is simple, Andy (Charlie Day) witnesses Ron (Ice Cube) will an axe in class and chops up a sit. When Ron asked him to not rat him out, Andy did for the fear of being fired.

Now a pissed off Ron tells Charlie there would be a fist fight at the close of work for his snitching.

We get to watch these two leads go through a day heading to the fight.

What a waste of film reel.


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