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Why Him? (2016)

Why Him? (2016)


James Franco
Bryan Cranston

Directed by John Hamburg

Why Him? Is not a tough movie to like and it is fun to watch. The movie stars James Franco as Laird Mayhew a weird overgrown child who is also a millionaire thanks to good investments and a video game. His behavior and views will knock any father off his feet, when such a man comes to say he wants to be your daughters partner or he is already dating your daughter.
The poor father in this movie is the Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming, the father to Stephanie who is madly in love with her new boyfriend Laird.

They have been many father vs boyfriend movies and although this movie does play along the streets of its predecessors, the outstanding cast made the movie for me. Each one delivered a memorable performance and the events in the movie like the bathroom mishap will bring water to your eyes, from laughter that is.

One other cool thing about the movie is, in other father vs boyfriend movies you are supposed to dislike the father for being over protective of his daughter. Here in this movie, I get to feel like he was not doing enough protecting.
If I was in his shoes I would have acted the exact same way with the way Laird behaved and carried on behaving like there was no reason to be civil, I too will be scared if my daughter is considering being with him instead of graduating out of the university.
The other good thing I liked in the movie is the childish character portrayed by Franco was bearable. There is nothing more irritating than having to cope watching a movie where the character’s childish behavior is overacted and too impossible to be true that such human exists on the same plane like I do.

Franco’s portrayal was not that hard to believe, I have met someone like that and I have done some of the things he did myself.

I have let loose some of the movie’s plot lines above on this movie about a rich man in his thirties who fell in love with a lady in her twenties and wants to spend his whole life pleasing and being with her.
This idea did not sit well with her parents bearing in mind that she has withheld his existence from them for the fear that they will not understand her feeling towards him and be unable to bear being with him.

Her fears were met by her parents and now Laird must try and prove himself the suitable suitor for their daughter.

James Franco is always a delight to watch.


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